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BOI Bank NET Banking: BOI Internet Banking How to register login & use BOI Net Banking Online

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BOI Bank Online Banking facilitates customers to make financial transactions easily at the comfort of their home or offices once they have registered for BOI Bank Internet Banking facility.

BOI Bank Online Banking
BOI Net Banking Login
Services Offered Fund Transfer, Balance Check, Book online tickets, Making Payments, Opening FD/RD Account etc.
Registration Methods Visit Bank Branch/ATM or register online through Net Banking Portal
Online Fund Transfer Methods & Limit IMPS- ₹ 2 Lakhs
NEFT- ₹ Nil
RTGS- ₹ Nil

BOI Net Banking

Bank of India is well known Bank in India BOI Bank provide Net Banking / Internet Banking services to its retail as well as corporate Bank customers. BOI Bank Account holders can avail services like Fund transfer, Bill Payment, Apply for a new debit/credit card, open a new FD/RD account and book tickets and much more without paying any additional charges or fees provided that they have an internet connection and their mobile number is registered with the BOI bank. Customers can make financial transactions easily at the comfort of their home or offices once they have registered for BOI Bank Internet Banking facility.

What is BOI Net Banking?

BOI Net Banking is the internet banking service provided by Bank of India (BOI) to all its customers. It is the most comfortable channel for you to experience round the clock banking from any part of the world.

What are the benefits of using BOI Net Banking?

With BOI Net Banking, you can conduct your banking transactions from any location as per your convenience. BOI Internet Banking provides a comprehensive range of online transactions and information that can help you better manage your financial assets. It's secure and convenient.

What are the services which can be accessed through BOI Net Banking?

  • Check your account balance
  • View your transaction history of your banking accounts and credit card
  • Transfer money between your accounts and other accounts at BOI
  • Transfer funds to overseas account (may require supporting documents)
  • Transfer funds to another local bank account
  • Pay your bills
  • Enquire on interest rates
  • Open new Term / Fixed Deposits
  • Stop cheque or order new cheque books
  • Update personal information (except address)
  • View and download e-Statements for banking accounts and credit cards

What do I need in order to use BOI Net Banking service?

  • A smart device which could be computer, laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone.
  • A secured good interent connection to access the website of the BOI.

How to Login in BOI Net Banking?

BOI Net Banking

Step 1: Visit the Bank of India BOI official website.
Step 2: Click on Internet Banking on the right hand side of the website.
Step 3: Click on Internet Banking and choose personal banking services from the dropdown.
Step 4: Now a page open click on the click here to login for registered user.
Step 5: Enter the User ID / Customer ID also enter the Captcha showing below.
Step 6: Enter the Password and click login to enter your BOI Net Banking account.

BOI Net Banking login

How to register for BOI Net Banking?

When you open your account in the BOI, the net banking registration is given by default, however, in case if you are not registered for BOI net banking, here are the steps to do so:

How to register for BOI Net Banking Online?

A Resident Customer and a Non-Resident Customer with Domestic Mobile Number can follow these steps given below to register for BOI Net Banking online:

BOI Net Banking new user registration
  • Visit the BOI official website.
  • Click on Internet Banking on the right hand side of the website.
  • Click on Internet Banking section and choose retail banking from the dropdown.
  • Once you click the "New user registration" link, you will be redirected to self-registration page.
  • Enter the details required for, like account number, ATM/Debit Card linked to the account number, ATM/Debit Card Credentials, Mobile number registered for the account number and submit.
  • Upon, successful submission, your user/login ID & reference number will be displayed. Please save this for further records.
  • An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number once your net banking login is activated.
  • You can log on BOI net banking after a cooling period of 1 hour & start transacting immediately.

How to register for BOI Net Banking through Phone Banking?

  • Call the BOI customer care Phone Banking number at 1800220229
  • Give your Customer ID and Telephone Identification Number(TIN) or Verify your bank account details
  • The customer care executive will take your Net Banking registration request
  • After That Bank will courier your Net Banking Password to your mailing address

How to register for BOI Net Banking at bank branch?

  • Visit the BOI bank branch and ask for Net Banking registration form (individual or corporate)
  • Fill in the form and submit it to the BOI branch official
  • Upon successful processing, you will receive user/login ID as SMS in your registered mobile number.
  • Password(s) – both login & transaction will be sent to your registered mailing address by speed post with 7-10 working days.
  • An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number once your password(s) are dispatched from our CPC.
  • SMS will contain speed post tracking number for your reference.
  • Please note that you will need User/login ID, login password & transaction password to complete a financial transaction in BOI Bank Net banking.

How to reset/change BOI Net Banking password?

You can instantly reset your BOI Net Banking password by following the below steps:
BOI Net Banking reset Password
Step 1: Visit the Bank Of India BOI forgotten net banking password page
Step 2: Enter your login id in the login id column.
Step 3: Enter your Account number id in the account number id column.
Step 4: Enter your email id / mobile number as you have registered in the net banking.
Step 5: Choose the password that needs to be generated by clicking on the check boxes

  1. Internet Banking Password – for Login password
  2. Internet Banking Transaction Password – for Transaction password
Step 6: Then click on the ‘Generate Online Verification Code (OVC)’ and “submit”.
Step 7: A request id and a online verification code (OVC) will be sent to your mail id and the request id will be shown in the screen also.
Step 8: Open your mail box and note down the request id and OVC from the mail sent by us.
Step 9: Now in the internet banking log-in screen Click on the option CLICK HERE TO GO TO VERIFY OVC SCREEN (available at the top of the page in a rectangular box) and enter the request id and (Online verification code) OVC in the appropriate columns and also the other fields as required.
Step 10: After entering the data correctly click on Verify Code and Go to Password Selection Screen. You will be navigated to the change password screen where you will be prompted to type your Login password and Transaction Password (If you opted to change both) and confirm your password by retyping it.
Step 11: Now you are ready to login to your internet banking account.

How to Check BOI Account Balance using Net Banking?

Step 1: Log in to your BOI net banking account.
Step 2: Click on the ‘Accounts Summary’ option under the ‘Accounts’ tab.
Step 3: A list of all your accounts will be displayed on the screen.
Step 4: Select the account for which you wish to check the balance.
Step 5: The account balance and other details of the selected account will be displayed.

How to pay BOI Credit Card Payment online through any bank account?

With the help of BOI Billbesk you can make payment of BOI bank credit card online.

Step 1: Provide your BOI Credit Card payment details
  • Enter your BOI Credit Card number and Payment amount.
  • Select your net banker from drop-down and click on PAY.
  • You will be securely redirected to the bank payment interface of your chosen net banking option.

Step 2: Confirm payment (at Bank)
  • Enter your authentication details [viz user id/ password]
  • Confirm your payment amount to BOI Credit Card.
  • Your account will get debited online.

Step 3: Receive online confirmation
  • You will receive an online transaction confirmation and a Transaction Reference Number.
  • You will also receive an email acknowledgement of your transaction (if email id provided).

How to change or update address through BOI?

To change or update your address in BOI you have the following options:

  1. Visit any BOI branch and submit an application along with the address proof
  2. Send across a duly- filled & signed application along with address proof to the branch where you opened your account with an authorization letter.

What are the channels through which I can initiate an NEFT Fund Transfer in BOI?

  • BOI Internet Banking - Send money to your chosen beneficiary from your desktop/laptop
  • BOI Mobile Banking - Send money through your BOI Mobile Baking app
  • BOI Branch - Visit your nearest BOI Branch and fill the NEFT form to do an NEFT transaction

What are the transaction steps for NEFT through BOI Net Banking?

For NEFT you will need to begin by adding a beneficiary. Then you can go on to make a funds transfer or Credit card payment.
For online transaction, both the Net Banking and Third Party Funds Transfer facilities should be enabled. (If you’re not yet registered, just fill the form at your closest BOI branch).

Steps to add beneficiary for NEFT-

Step 1
- Log into BOI Net Banking, using your Customer ID and Password
Step 2 - Go to Funds Transfer tab
Step 3 - Click ‘Add a Beneficiary’, and then select Beneficiary Type - Transfer to other bank
Step 4 - Enter the beneficiary account details or Credit card number
Step 5 - Select the Beneficiary’s IFSC, using the bank and branch name
Step 6 - Click ‘Add’, then ‘Confirm’
Step 7 - Authenticate yourself at the secure access step, and wait for your confirmation message

Steps to make your NEFT funds transfer -
Step 1 - Go to Fund Transfer tab, and select 'Transfer to other bank(NEFT)'
Step 2 - Select account, beneficiary, and enter the relevant details
Step 3 - Accept the Terms and Conditions
Step 4 - Review the details, and, if all is correct, confirm to complete the process

  • The beneficiary will be activated after 30 minutes (due to security reasons). The Beneficiary can be viewed in the "View Beneficiary" option of the Enquire Section.
  • Post activation of a beneficiary, Rs. 50,000 (in full or parts) can be transferred for the first 24 hours.
  • An added beneficiary, to whom no funds are transferred for more than 24 months, is treated as a new beneficiary in all respects.
  • A maximum of 7 beneficiaries can be added/modified/deleted in a period of 24 hours.

What information is required to do an NEFT transaction in BOI?

For an NEFT remittance, the remitter has to furnish the following information:

  • Amount to be remitted
  • Remitting customer's account number which is to be debited
  • Name of the beneficiary bank
  • Name of the beneficiary
  • Account number of the beneficiary
  • Sender to receiver information, if any
  • IFSC code of the destination bank branch

How to do Credit card payments through BOI NEFT?

Credit card payments can be completed easily through BOI’s NEFT service under Net Banking.
There are a few points to note:
  • You need to have the Net Banking and Third Party Funds Transfer facilities enabled (If you’re not yet registered, just visit your nearest BOI branch and fill the form).
  • The Credit card issuing bank must be enabled to receive payments via NEFT
  • The IFSC should be obtained from the Credit card issuing bank (without the correct IFSC, the transaction will be rejected)
Steps to make your Credit card payment -

Step 1 - Go to Fund Transfer tab, and click Transfer to other bank
Step 2 - Select account, beneficiary, and enter the relevant details
Step 3 - Accept the Terms and Conditions
Step 4 - Review the details, and, if all is correct, confirm to complete the process

When does the beneficiary get the credit for a NEFT Transaction?

The transaction will be settled to your beneficiary as per the RBI batch which ideally takes 30 mins to 4 hours.

If an NEFT transaction is not credited to a beneficiary account, does the Remitter get back the money?

Yes. If the beneficiary's bank is unable to credit the beneficiary's account for any reason, the former will return the money to the remitting bank within 2 business hours of completion of the batch in which the transaction was processed. Once the amount is received by the remitting bank, it is credited to the remitter's account by the branch concerned.

Bank of India BOI Balance Enquiry Number through Miss call

Bank of India BOI account holders can give missed call on 09015135135 to Check Account Balance

Customers can check available account balance by giving a missed call at BOI Account Balance Enquiry Number 09015135135.

  • To avial this facility, customers need to have a registered mobile number with the bank
  • With the help of this missed call service, customer will receive an SMS alert on their registered mobile number along with the available balance

Bank of India BOI SMS Service

BOI SMS Service enables the customer to check account balance by just sending SMS from registered mobile number. This is a very simple and quick service and avilable 24x7. To check BOI Balance Enquiry:

  • Customer just need to send SMS to 919810558585 by typing BAL <1111> from their registered mobile number
  • An SMS alert will be received by the customer with available account balance details

How to Block Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card - Ways to Deactivate Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card

If you have lost your Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card or it has been stolen, you can Deactivate or cancel it by calling our Bank of India (BOI) PhoneBanking numbers, blocking it online through BOI Net Banking or by visiting an Bank of India (BOI) branch.

Blocking Bank of India Credit Card Via BOI Net Banking

  • Step 1 - Login to Online Banking of Bank of India or BOI Mobile App using your ID and password
  • Step 2 - Select Help Services
  • Step 3 - Go to “Card Management” and select “Report Lost/Stolen Card”
  • Step 4 - Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Step 5 - On completion, your card will be blocked and a replacement card will be sent to your registered mailing address

Blocking Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card Via Bank of India (BOI) PhoneBanking

This how you can cancel or block your Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card through 24x7 BOI PhoneBanking

  • Step 1 - Call on this number 1800220229 from your registered mobile number only.
  • Step 2 - speak to the Customer Care Executive for blocking the card

Blocking Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card Via visiting Bank of India (BOI) branch

This how you can cancel or block a Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card by visiting a Bank of India (BOI) branch and submitting a form

  • Step 1 - Collect application form from a branch or download it from BOI website
  • Step 2 - Complete the form and submit at the branch

Bank of India - BOI Internet Banking Services :

Sr. No. BOI Internet Banking Services Availability Status
1 View Account Details/Balance Yes
2 Edit Personal Profile Details Yes
3 Download Account Statement Yes
4 Stop Cheque Payment Yes
5 Request for a Cheque book Yes
6 View Credit Card Details Yes
7 Redeem Loyalty points Yes
8 View Demat Account Details Yes
9 View your Portfolio Summary/Snapshot Yes
10 View your Loan A/C Details Yes
11 Mail Facility Yes
12 Register for e-statement Yes
13 Transfer Fund to Own BOI Account Yes
14 Transfer Fund to Other BOI Account Yes
15 Transfer Fund to Other Bank Account Yes
16 Transfer Fund to Visa Credit Card Yes
17 Recharge Mobile Yes
18 Request for Demand Draft Yes
19 Create Fixed Deposit Yes
20 Apply for IPO Online Yes
21 Pay Credit Card Bills Yes
22 Pay utility Bills Yes
23 Shop online and pay using BOI Internet Banking Yes

About Bank of India (BOI)

Bank of India was founded on 7th September, 1906 by a group of eminent businessmen from Mumbai. The Bank was under private ownership and control till July 1969 when it was nationalised along with 13 other banks.

Beginning with one office in Mumbai, with a paid-up capital of Rs.50 lakh and 50 employees, the Bank has made a rapid growth over the years and blossomed into a mighty institution with a strong national presence and sizable international operations. In business volume, the Bank occupies a premier position among the nationalised banks.

The Bank has over 5000 branches in India spread over all states/ union territories including specialized branches. These branches are controlled through 55 Zonal Offices and 8 NBG Offices. There are 60 branches/ offices and 5 Subsidaries and 1 joint venture abroad. The Bank came out with its maiden public issue in 1997 and follow on Qualified Institutions Placement in February 2008.

While firmly adhering to a policy of prudence and caution, the Bank has been in the forefront of introducing various innovative services and systems. Business has been conducted with the successful blend of traditional values and ethics and the most modern infrastructure. The Bank has been the first among the nationalised banks to establish a fully computerised branch and ATM facility at the Mahalaxmi Branch at Mumbai way back in 1989. The Bank is also a Founder Member of SWIFT in India. It pioneered the introduction of the Health Code System in 1982, for evaluating/ rating its credit portfolio.

Presently Bank has overseas presence in 18 foreign countries spread over 5 continents – with 52 offices including 4 Subsidiaries, 1 Representative Office and 1 Joint Venture, at key banking and financial centres viz., Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Paris and New York.

BOI Net banking FAQs

⭐Q. How do I receive my BOI Net banking PIN?

Due to security reasons, your BOI Net Banking PIN will not be shared with you online. It will be sent to you via post.

⭐Q. Bank of India BOI Balance Enquiry Number through miss call

BOI account holders can give missed call on 09015135135 to Check Account Balance.

⭐Q. Is BOI Net Banking is safe?

Yes its Bank of India (BOI), ensure that its customer gets a good, safe and hassle-free online banking experience. With all the necessary checks of authentication and security in place, you can be rest assured of a secure online banking experience.

⭐Q. How to Block Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card - Ways to Deactivate Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card?

If you have lost your Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card or it has been stolen, you can Deactivate or cancel it by calling our Bank of India (BOI) PhoneBanking numbers, blocking it online through Bank of India (BOI) Net Banking or by visiting an Bank of India (BOI) bank branch.

⭐Q. How can I unlock my Bank of India BOI Net Banking account?

Well if the account is locked due to wrong password attempts, don’t worry! It’s temporary and will be locked for 24 Hrs. after that you can again try or you can get your password reset online itself.

⭐Q. What is the user ID for BOI NetBanking?

The Customer ID is a unique identification number given to every Customer holding a Savings/ Current Account with Bank of India BOI.

⭐Q. What is BOI IPIN password?

Internet PIN or Internet Personal Identification Number. This is the password via which you can do net banking with your BOI Bank Account. It is used to view you online account and perform online transaction.

⭐Q. Does Bank of India (BOI) charge any Fee for Internet Banking?

No, Bank of India (BOI) does not charge any fee for availing the services of Internet Banking. However, if BOI Bank customers transfer funds to the third party using different modes such as NEFT, RTGS or IMPS then the bank of the third party may charge some fees for fund transfer.

⭐Q. How can one avail the Bank of India (BOI) net banking facility?

To avail Bank of India (BOI) Net Banking facilities, user must have an account at Bank of India. Also, you need to register for the Internet banking service with the Bank of India (BOI) bank. Bank will provide you with a Pre Printed Kit (PPK) containing username and password. You can also request the bank to send the username through SMS to your registered address. To complete the registration process, Log on to the same username and password and follow the procedure as required.